Interpretive Center

507 West
Lake Avenue
Fairmont · MN 56031


Welcome to Heritage Acres ...
an agricultural interpretive center designed to tell
the ongoing story of farming. We became a vision
in 1976 when we realized how quickly an historic
way of life was disappearing from the landscape.
Now we are a rapidly growing reality as we create
a living rural experience for people of all ages to see,
touch and explore. Located on forty acres of rich
Martin County prairie overlooking Fairmont’s
beautiful Lake Sisseton, we invite you to discover
the many reasons the upper Midwest is called
America’s Breadbasket. Providing food and fiber
for the world family is an essential and vital industry deserving of recognition and preservation.
Early pioneers came from northern Europe to settle in the vast heartland and their roots grew deep
as their commitment to the land. In 1776, roughly 95% of the people lived on farms. Today less than 5%
of our population is engaged in farming. Their efficiency feeds our entire nation at prices lower than any
other place on earth and provides many of our country’s leading exports as well.  We salute the farmers
 whose labors have enabled us to take food for granted. We are eager to share their story with you.

Enjoy your visit to our farm. We hope to see you often!